SSE Riga LMT Debate Club Largest Participation Ever in a Tournament

Vilnius Open 2007 is approaching rapidly and this year we have the largest ever representation there. Namely, the Stockholm School of Economics and Latvijas Mobilais Telefons Debate Club is sending 6 teams and correspondingly 5 judges, as the CA is also our former debater – 18 people in total. According to performance on Monday and taking into account people’s wishes and potential, the debaters are as follows:

  • Martin Küüsmaa and Kristina Saudargaite
  • Ignas Vaitkunskas and Mante Kundrotaite
  • Aurimas Racas and Paulius Pikelis
  • Justas Grigalauskas and Baiba Dzelme
  • Dmitrijs Starikovs and Rihards Grasis
  • Ervinas Škikunas and Aurimas Balsiukas

Chief adjudicator:

  • Yuri Romanenkov

And judges:

  • Mārtiņš Liberts
  • Ēriks Reņģītis
  • Karolis Jasinskas
  • Rainers Vilans
  • Andris Reņģītis

Let’s hope that everyone does really well. We depart on Nov 3, at around 5 o’clock am. Look for further info.


7 thoughts on “SSE Riga LMT Debate Club Largest Participation Ever in a Tournament

  1. I already lost my partner :/
    Arvydas is leaving to the UK on 2nd of November. May I get somebody else? :))

  2. Due to Arvydas not able to attend Vilnius IV, the team has been changed – Aurimas Racas & Paulius Pikelis.
    The extra judge will most probably be Rainers Vilans (the old guy).

  3. You will find the contingent is even larger than you think when you learn who the CA is.

  4. Dear Mr. President and estonian administration,

    He is Ervinas not Ervynas!

  5. to XX, yes, and we even know who you are 🙂 (not only from your email) 🙂

  6. Ok there was not much point in hiding anyway, but I thought it didn’t display the email anyway.

  7. It doesn’t show email on this webpage, however, the email address is displayed in the email sent to the author of the post 🙂

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