Euthanasia in the Netherlands

On the procedural part of euthanasia:

  • Patients must be terminally ill and should have nothing else than suffering in the future;
  • Patients must announce will to die that should not be forced and should be well thought about;
  • The doctor and the patient must make sure that there is no other solution;
  • There should be a consultation with another doctor who also has to admit that there is no solution;
  • The life is terminated in a medically acceptable way.

Here is some factual information on the model used for Euthanasia in the Netherlands:

  • Euthanasia was legalized in 2002;
  • In 2006 there were 1923 cases of euthanasia (in 2005 – 1933; in 2004 – 1886);
  • Most of the people undergoing the process were having a cancer.

As one can see – the Netherlands model is no rocket-science and most of the rules cannot be actually quantified. Maybe it makes sense to refer to the Netherlands example in the case of a debate…

Also the numbers show that euthanasia is constantly used and approximately the same amount of people undergo it – it doesn’t become neither more popular, nor less. Still I would like to find out more about ethical side of ‘the killing’ as debaters usually use the argument “doctor becomes a murderer”. Anyway, after seeing Dr. House in which one of his team members performed euthanasia and didn’t seem to have much problems (except for crying in the dark), it seems that there is no actual ethical dilemma.


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