SSER & LMT Debate club results at Euros 2007

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for our teams to go to Koc, Turkey. The event was fantastic despite the hot sun and wild dogs on the streets. Nevertheless, I have understood that Turkey is not for me – I just can’t stand the way of life and attitude towards other people, i.e. “nu beri bezplatna!” šŸ˜¦

Anyway, here is the complete Tab of Euros 2007 (to open the file change its extension from *.pdf to *.xls). If we look for our teams, then this was not the most successful Euros; however, one must acknowledge that each team had one novice debater that makes it a larger achievement than it actually may sound:

SSE Riga LMT B (Martin Kuusmaa & Kristina Saudargaite) got 60th ESL place (133rd out of 168 teams);
SSE Riga LMT A (Egle Murauskaite & Arvydas Ziobakas) got 71st ESL place (145th out of 168 teams).

Kristina Saudargaite got 250th Speaker place out of 336;
Martin Kuusmaa got 265th Speaker place;
Egle Murauskaite got 268th Speaker place;
Arvydas Ziobakas got 303rd Speaker place.

As said before, even if the results don’t look too astonishing as this moment, I believe that our debaters are able to perform much better & I believe that they will prove it next time!


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