Football, game theory, forks and receptions

I just had a shower and a few interesting ideas crossed my mind, so I decided to share them.

First, think about football, the game. Some teams are good at attacking some at defending. Obviously, no-one is perfect, but if you’d take it to the limit, would there be an ultimate attacking or defending strategy? Is it so, that if wo(?)/men would position themselves perfectly and give correct passes, the other teams could do nothing but take the ball out from the net? Or is it so that there is a defending strategy for every attack? And is there then an attacking strategy for every defensive strategy? Or is it so that Defense B beats Attack A, Attack C beats Def B, Def D beats Att C and Att A beats Def D, only through a longer iteration? Deeper game theory, but indeed interesting to think about.

The other topic I reflected about, was closer to debating. Imagine a fancy dinner. There are various forks and knives etc. And everyone has to take the fork into their left hand and knife into right. Is it (the general tradition to use forks-knives that way) discrimination against the left-handed or anyone who’d feel more comfortable the other way round? To my mind, we should ask if this tradition is somehow different from all the other similar ones (e.g. eating main dish before dessert, there must be people who prefer it the opposite way). Maybe all the rules of protocol should be dropped as they are discriminatory? Or they are nice traditions and we don’t really care about the ‘stupid’ ones who want to eat soup with fingers etc.

 THW drop all rules of protocol. Where would we end up?


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