Summer holidays

As every day, I opened our page on my new web browser – Safari.. I understood that nothing has happened for a long time, so I decided to write this post 😉 There are few things that I would like to talk about:

  • we are undergoing discussions with LMT about them becoming our Benefactor for another year – let’s hope we succeed!
  • within Latvian Parliamentary Debate Movement summer camp is being launched from 16th till 19th of August – anyone interested to participate?
  • two teams are going to EUDC 2007 (in Koc) from 2nd till 12th of August (some till 14th 🙂 to defend the honour of our club – let’s keep our fingers crossed!

What’s new in your life?


1 thought on “Summer holidays

  1. Internet is indeed an interesting place for discussing new developments in one’s life 🙂

    I arrived from a small village in Northern Estonia a few days ago and I am now getting used to using Internet daily again 🙂 But 63 km there and the same back on bicycle with wind blowing to my face both ways (!!) were worth it.

    Regarding the issues above, the school starts on the 20/08 for Y1&Y2 and I’m still working that week, so most of us would be able to come to LPDK camp not earlier than late Friday night. Don’t know about Aisma and Egle, though. AND… Y2 have IE at that time and I hope back at the time when Martins went to school the first weekend of IE was as notorious as it was for us. So. probably the 4 Lithuanians will have trouble coming… But if there are TPJO underaged blondes from Jurmala (or whoever were the ´interesting´people at that party) then even Paulius may fly in from GB 🙂 Where is this camp taking place anyway?

    Looking forward to Istanbul and starting my career in GILD Bankers tomorrow,


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