Tinky Winky is gay

How weird can people become?

Recently, Eva Sovinska from Poland has claimed (more info on BBC) that one of the Teletubbies – the violet Tinky Winky – is gay as he is carrying a female purse.

To my mind it is rather stupid to claim that Tinky is male just because of his tallness. Even more – it is discriminatory towards tall women, say Uljana Semjonova, Latvian basketball star, wouldn’t be to happy about this!

Thanks God, Eva has talked to a psychologist who has assured that Tinky is not affecting psychic of children. This has forced Eva to cancel her idea of setting up a “Is Tinky Winky gay?” commission and let this one slide.

No, it is not the only case when a cartoon or show member is said to be gay. Spongebob was criticized 2 years ago in USA by two conservative christian groups. More information about the fuzz can be found at MSNBC or Jesus is savior.

With all my respect towards Polish people and their ability to drink vodka as well as christians and their ability to play soccer – why don’t you just leave those gayish characters alone?


1 thought on “Tinky Winky is gay

  1. I suggest we approve Tinky Winky or Spongebob as our debate club mascot (unless you have any better suggestion)!

    Let’s cast a vote

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