Padua, here we come!!

Guys, have you heard that you can get prostitutes for free in Padua, Italy. Of course, you have to fulfill a condition – local police should fine you for stopping near a prostitute. 😉

This story begins with local mayor Flavio Zanonato who has signed a new ordinance – everyone who stops to negotiate with prostitutes will be fined (from 25 to 500 Euros) because it:

  • prevents normal flow of traffic
  • hinders the ability of others to evaluate and pick his / her prostitute 🙂

It is not the first time when prostitutes offer services for free.. (did you know this?) Denmark had an infamous campaign “Sex, irrespective of disability” during which government allocated money to prostitutes so that they visit and sexually satisfy disabled people once a month.

Now a new question arises – can prostitution be called “positive externality activity”?


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