Sauna, football and camping..

As you might recall from last Thursday, we had a debate (after the session in the pub) about potential events we must held this year (including summer):
(-) sauna event (this or next week)
(-) football in the forest (at the end of May)
(-) camping for two days during summer (in early August)

Your ideas, comments, approvals are needed to go further with these events. Especially important is sauna stuff, as it requires finding & booking the place (it can’t usually be done on the same day you want to have it..).

Please, do not hesitate to your ideas and desired dates up, so we can see, plan and execute! 😉


12 thoughts on “Sauna, football and camping..

  1. sauna – next week, the one we had before.
    other activities – do not know yet

  2. lets do everything ASAP. it means that we should do this stuff before (preferably) or just right after the graduation. otherwise, we make the things just too complicated…

  3. I support the idea of doing everything before graduation. But to be more constructive, unlike previous comments (;-)), I suggest next Wednesday for sauna.

    Additionally I believe that we should do the “football” event on May 26th. Yes – the two events would be quite closely one after another, but that’s the best we can do. Where should the football take place – maybe let’s this year try to do Jurmala that we planned last year.

    Camping stuff need to be given more thorough thought but we can’t do it in the beginning of August for sure as that is the time for Euros. I’ll come up with some ideas regarding that as well.

  4. On camping trip. As I have found out more about my summer recently, I’d rather propose to have it in the beginning of summer (e.g. 29.06-1.07) (no reexams then any more and maybe even Paulius is still here?).

    Now two questions arise: How do we go there and to what kind of place are we going? How – either by cars/minivan(s) or bus/train. Depends on locations as well, of course. What kind of place? A camping site where erect tents or some kind of housing as well. I know that there are some not willing to sleep in tents (the arrogant ones that earn a lot) and if we could get a sauna included then some kind of house would be cool. So, where are this kind of places? Does it have to be in Latvia? To my mind, there is no difference between Southern Estonia, Latvia and Northern Lithuania so we should choose something between Pärnu, Viljandi, Võru, Balvi, Krāslava, Utena, Šiauliai, Liepāja and Ventspils (excluding the island of Ruhnu/Roņu, I think). I can suggest various places in Estonia, but don’t know much about Latvia/Lithuania.

    Your ideas?

  5. Paulius does not want to skip the sauna again 😀

  6. oh, u know Mr. President, LT is a very nice country 😀

  7. oh, u know Pukelis, your comments are very smart 🙂

  8. Pukelis definately has problems with his (or maybe her) personality.. Way to go Paulius 😉

  9. i suggest cutting the crap and focusing on the issue… to help those who have trouble (and whose names start with p), here are a number of questions:

    1)Is sauna next Wednesday OK?
    2)Is “football” May 26 OK?
    3)Is some forest near Jurmala OK as a place for that?
    4)Is the last weekend of June OK for camping?
    5)Should it be with sleeping in tents or in a house?
    6)Is the proposed area OK?
    7)Suggest a concrete place
    8)Do we go there by cars? Public transport?Bicycles? Skateboards? Helicopters? Private jets?
    9)How often do you think Justas visits a shrink?

    9 questions, most of them Yes/No or multiple choice, so you should be able to handle 🙂

  10. 1) ok
    2) ok
    3) let’s just make it in jurmala itself (at the beach, I mean)
    4) Not really as then the Latvian camp might take place (I am not sure yet)
    5) both ways are ok
    6) i suggest place near a river, lake or sea – many places would do for this
    7) n/a
    8) cars?
    9) 5 times a day 😉

  11. 1) OK
    2) not OK (me & Justas probably will have to be in LT on Friday, so… bad luck, as they say)
    3) who cares where to play? 🙂
    4) if last weekend is 06 30-07 01, then not (already have another trip at this time :>
    5) Of course tents
    6) North of LT is not very attractive for camping, and I do not know anything about LV/EST.
    7) South/East of LT 🙂
    8) Train + Feet + tents on your back – what can be better?
    9) Can’t handle this question.. (:

  12. Looks like we have to come up with another date for capming event.

    And we probably cannot do it in LT then, as it doesn’t make sense to make it further than, say, 3h driving from Riga (Southern LT would mean 8h from Tallinn :S)

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