Internal competition – who goes to Euros?

On Monday, 14th of May at 1810 in room 303, we will have an internal competition to pick two people who would form a team, go to Euros (in Koc, Turkey) and represent SSER & LMT Debate Club.

I encourage everyone to be there and participate as going to Euros is not a one stand event, it is a way to further and higher steps of your debating career! Still Euros demand that a debater participating there would give an effort for best possible preparation, practice and attitude. I suggest you consider this as well..

The competition will be run really strict (with precise prep times, speeches etc.) and the motions will be told on the ground – so be prepared for some tough in-house competition!!;)

Yesterday the debate was rather interesting and (at least to my mind) actually showed the capabilities and levels of various people. With no offense two people will get to go to Euros; however, they will have to spend a lot of time to prepare on their own.

You can download and see the debate flow (to open the file, change its extension from *.pdf to *.xls) on the Motion that THW prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence without consent of the victim.

Thanks everyone who participated!!


4 thoughts on “Internal competition – who goes to Euros?

  1. Are spectators allowed? 🙂

  2. Everyone’s allowed..
    Moreover – everyone’s encouraged!! 😉

  3. so, where is the final list of Euro participants? should read them out from debate flow?

  4. You could, couldn’t you?

    As informed on the mailing list, this year’s Euros team will consist of:
    (-) Kristina Saudargaite
    (-) Martin Kuusmaa


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