Upcoming Motions listed here..

As I am tired (and usually forget) of sending multiple emails regarding upcoming motions for the next session – they will be posted here (look at the right side of the screen).

There will be 3 motions listed at any time. After we debate any of them, new motions will appear. It means that to be ready for the next session you must come and see the motions! (smart way to boost traffic, isn’t it? 🙂
Moreover, if you don’t like the motions and have a decent suggestion what should we debate about – let me know & we will fix it!

p.s. by the way – when checking the page with Internet Explorer (for Mac) it went completely crazy, so if you are browsing with anything else than Firefox and notice that something is not right – let me know! Thanks!


1 thought on “Upcoming Motions listed here..

  1. Let me explain how to influence Upcoming Motions:
    (1) register with wordpress.com
    (2) do have at least “Author” rights to sserdc.wordpress.com (I can help to get them)
    (3) log into wordpress.com
    (4) go to this link: https://sserdc.wordpress.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=widgets.php
    (5) find “Text 1” under “Sidebar 1” and press the icon to its right (box w/ blue top and lines in the middle) that says “Configure”
    (6) box opens & you substitute Motions that should not be on this list w/ Motions that should
    (7) close the box (press cross on top right corner)
    (8) press “Save Changes” button & that’s it!

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