Highschool kids in the club!?

It’s a pity I was not able to attend the session in which some of the newly invited highschool people tried what debating is all about; however, I heard that they did rather good!

I believe that by allowing people to attend our club from an earlier age provides several benefits both for the club and for the people:

  • people can see & feel do they like debating in general and do they like people involved (as this might be even more important than the debating itself). They can also better understand and learn about SSER – how it’s to study here, would they like it etc.;
  • club, on the other hand, can try to nurture better debaters as finally it will have more than 2 and a half years for achieving the maximum condition of a debater (rarely people debate for all 3 years they spend in the university.. and rarely they do spend all 3 years in the university). Club also gains more people involved as well as higher competition within the club – two factors that usually drive the motivation and hereafter the quality.

I know (have understood it by now) that none of you really likes to express her opinion in written (must be a bad debater habbit or something), but it would be nice to hear your opinion about the actions we have started to take as well as your suggestions on how we better undertake these actions to improve even more!


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