Compensating for sickness?

As some of you might now, we had a debating tournament last weekend in Tallinn.. As some of you might also know – Justas was not feeling well on the day we went.. As some of you might know even further – currently at least 4 club members are not feeling well & are having similar complications.. Coincidence?

No way! The question would be – must Justas compensate other team members for getting them sick? Was that Justas responsibility to make sure that no one gets his weird eye / virus disease? Is that Justas whom should we blame?

There is one single answer to three questions stated above: “YES!” So, next time we all meet again – Justas shall treat all the sick people (Paulius, sorry – pervert people don’t count) a bear. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Compensating for sickness?

  1. Umm… what would people do with a bear? Anyway, Latvia only has 4 bears (you used to have 5, but one was shot accidentally, for a while there were three of them while one was on Ruhnu (Ronu?) island), so if Justas has to get 4 bears, Latvia will be out of bears really soon. Is that what we want to happen?

  2. Getting a bear for your sick teammates would really show one’s motivation, dedication and team spirit..
    Aren’t these the qualities we are striving for?

  3. 🙂 it seems that only Martins is not sick (mentally 🙂 )

    Liberts: bear vs beer 😉

    and in general it is not my fault 🙂 or, dear Liberts, it would be a great lesson – never touch me again 🙂

    no, really, other people with whom i spend SOME time during that weekend are totally ok, without any health problems.

    so probably you joined me with getting ill only because of team spirit 😀

    just get better 🙂

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