The Unique Debate Trip

Last weekend SSE Riga LMT Debate club undertook an unforeseen debate trip. Namely, in Wednesday evening 6 debaters and one judge – Paulius – sat into Renault Trafic and headed for Cologne, Germany to participate in Tilbury House IV.

The way there took only 23h40min and didn’t include much special besides a traffic jam when entering the city. We only managed to take 1 wrong turn – in the most-poorly-supplied-with-traffic-signs city of Warsaw.

The tournament itself was really well organised and definitely enjoyed by all participants, although Ze Zermans remain Ze Zermans. As to results, all SSERLMT teams finished in the middle of the tab, some missed breaking only by an inch. Kristina got The Best Quote Award for the phrase “It’s the mind, not the penis”. Paulius’ first judging experience was also positive – he even got to chair one round.

Having introduced ourselves with the traditional Kölsch beer and tried some weird German food (like raw minced meat) we headed back towards the Baltics. Poland proved to be unpredictable, but a 50 km detour can solve problems 😉

Right after arriving back we started to prepare for Tallinn IV which happens the next weekend.


1 thought on “The Unique Debate Trip

  1. I saw the Tab today.. There is only one good sign on it – all our teams are reasonably equal in terms of two debaters:
    (Team A) Arvydas – Justas: 0
    (Team B) Eriks – Martin: -1
    (Team C) Aisma – Kristina: -7
    -> now I also understood based on what the team names are allocated 😀

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