Don’t blame Canada! Blame cows!

Just a minute ago I saw the newest Sestdienas Diena (Saturday edition of leading newspaper in Latvia) that it is livestock who are responsible for global warming as they produce 18% of all respective gases (in comparison cars produce only 13.5%). They say that each cow, for example, produces up to 500 liters of methane gases (via their bottoms, excrements and breath). Just consider how many cows there are (approx. 1500 million in total) and see if produced methane is enough to warm up the planet..
Yes, it is!!

Would this mean that we should kill cows, sheep, pigs and all other livestock and become vegetarians? On one hand there is a reason for that; however, on the other – most of these animals spend their days outdoors near grass, trees and other plants that absorb various gases and produces oxygen. In this aspect some of methane produced is absorbed in just-in-time manner 🙂

Let’s even go one step further and consider how could we use cow’s excrements for cleaner Earth. It turns out that excrements can be used as a source of energy, meaning that one collects it, processes it and produces electricity. Guy named Albert Straus already uses this method in Marin County (USA) by running his dairy using excrements of 270 cows. I wondered what else could be done with cow’s excrements? Actually, they can be used to substitute gas in transportation plus one will get a by-product that can be used as natural fertilizer 🙂

Maybe we should rather control how much, where and when cows relieve themselves and then use the goodies to make our lives better? Isn’t this great? Maybe we can also live better using our own shit?

If you still think that it’s a joke check New Zealand that already have a tax in place do deal with the bottom of cows..

How tax on cows work in New Zealand?

If this research was not good enough, check out another one on BBC.


2 thoughts on “Don’t blame Canada! Blame cows!

  1. and what about cats, mr president;)

  2. Would you really compare cows and cats by their sizes? 😉
    As far as I have understood during last few days – cats are good for making noises.. not gases!

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