Constitutional crisis in Latvia?

After latest events regarding Aivars, the mayor of Ventspils, there has been an interesting discussion both in public media (expressed via comments of people) as well as in Saeima, the parliament of the Republic of Latvia.

The most interesting issue has been that law enforcement bodies have seized a list of people to whom Aivars has given his “special scholarships”. As said by Latvian news portal TVNet – MPs during private talks say that some political parties and around 20 politicians are on the above mentioned list. Now the problem is (if such list exists) that people believe most of current elite politicians would be on it. Such list might consequently lead to rather huge crisis in Latvia’s political arena due to at least two reasons:

-) First, if many current MPs are on the list it might lead to dissolution of Saeima and new special elections. Moreover, if this occurs people might have less belief in current politicians and boycott such elections, consequently making Saeima’s elections invalid and make Latvia have no parliament, what so ever. Second alternative here is that only that part of Latvian society becomes inactive that has voted for right wing parties having power at the moment. This might lead to left wing parties gaining control over Saeima completely changing the path Latvia is on (many people believe that left wing parties will put greater emphasis on relations with Russia, our Eastern neighbour);

-) Second, usually “scholarships” receive the brightest minds, the people with greatest power and ability to execute – the top notch politicians. If this turns out to be true then Latvian political arena will be left without many great politicians who know what politics is all about and who have enough experience to foster Latvia’s development (even if they use shabby methods to get more income, Latvia’s GDP growth is still one of the largest in EU). This would consequently mean that new faces without any experience will or at least will try to get into Saeima. Moreover, history shows that whenever newbies come in they try to get as much goodies for themselves as possible šŸ˜¦ Plus Latvia has some extreme political parties (usually with extreme nationalistic views) who now might have the doors to parliament open. This might lead to something similar to ‘Austrian case’ when extreme government was elected there, but EU was pressing them to step back. If this happens it may further deepen the political crisis.

I believe in the rule of justice, I believe that guilty people should serve their tribute to the society, I also believe that current events in Latvia might lead this state in a state no state desires!


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