Treasurer & Convenor needed!

This academic year slowly but inevitably moves to its end and it is high time we start thinking about the next one. During Spring semester we (in the club) elect two people for two very important positions – Treasurer and Convenor.

Treasurer is the main person responsible for arranging a fund raiser team (2-3 people) and getting enough funds for the club to be able to operate for academic year 2007/2008. Club will help with all the documents and materials that have been used earlier and that already have helped to raise some cash, also Jurij & Paulius (who were the main Treasury guys this year) shall help with an advise. On the other hand, the members of the club hope that Treasurer would be able to raise around 10’000 Lats to cover participation fees and travel to various tournaments plus have enough money to organize our own IV.

Person being very interested in how much money will Treasurer raise is Convenor as she is responsible for arranging an organizing team for SSER IV 2007 that should be held around December. Of course, Convenor also is responsible for smooth organizing, having many nice, high quality teams and fantastic program for the event. Club will help with previous experience, ideas, materials, budgets etc. especially Martin Kuusmaa who was the Convenor of the wonderful SSER & LMT IV 2006. At the same time other members would expect that SSER IV 2007 makes people to come back in 2008.

Both people will be honoured by our club and all its members, will have a lot of fun during the process, will further polish their skills and be ranked higher for any benefits from the club (covered travel and participation fees for upcoming tournaments).

If you feel interested in any of these two positions (even if you’re not active debater at the moment) or know someone who might be, leave a comment or send me an email ( – you know it anyway).


2 thoughts on “Treasurer & Convenor needed!

  1. And if you have any questions regarding the positions/possible duties/experience prior candidating, feel free to contact the previous positionholders as well.

  2. The results of the elections:
    (-) Treasurer = Mr. Martin Kuusmaa
    (-) Convenor = Mr. Justas Grigalauskas

    Congrats guys!!

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