Can brother marry sister?

Today Jurij sent me an interesting article from BBC & another one (Word version of coupling people..) about Ze Zermans. Brother lives together with sister + they do have four kids already..

I guess this might be an interesting topic for a debate round 🙂  And it was! However, the problem with such a motion seemed to be that there are no legitimate Opposition arguments (similar to Gay debates). Gov’t accepted that incest causes disabled kids; however, there are so many other cases when Gov’t does not involve even if the same consequences appear (old women or people with inherited illnesses giving birth).
If anyone has a different experience, we would be glad to hear about it!


3 thoughts on “Can brother marry sister?

  1. And why am I not surprised that this is taking place in Germany?

  2. and why i am not surprised that this was sent by Jurij 🙂

  3. Now you will know the main topic area for Tilbury tournament.. Perversity!

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