Spring Tournaments

There are a lot of interesting tournaments coming up and there is something for everyone. Check them out, think what could be of interest to you and let Martinš know. You are very welcome to find cheaper options of travel, post them e.g. as a comment.

I will add additional info when it reaches me.

The presentation: Spring Tournaments – presentation
Excel file with links: Spring Tournaments – table (change file extension to *.xls and open in Excel)


2 responses to “Spring Tournaments

  1. As said yesterday during the debate session – people who are considering competitive debating next year & are willing to go to high profile tournaments (Euros, Worlds, OxBridge) MUST be willing to go to at least 1-2 tournaments (IONA / UK or Tilbury house)

  2. And if those tournaments shouldn’t be enough for someone, feel free to check out http://www.britishdebate.com/calendar/search.asp?s=09/01/2006&e=08/31/2007&a=Universities for more.

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