Global warming not caused by CO2

I just surfed around the net and found an opinion of Russian Academy of Sciences that global warming is not caused by CO2 but rather by intensity of heating of sun’s surface.

Would that mean that finally argument: “CO2 is not scientifically proven to cause global warming and hence the urge for Kyoto protocol!” would come true?


More information (in Latvian & Russian only):

OR download this Article in MS Word format


2 thoughts on “Global warming not caused by CO2

  1. Yeah, I also believe that the CO2 theory is bullshit. I believe it is caused by Crab People

  2. Did you mean that you were the cause for global warming?..

    These article just give another angle on how to look at global warming debates. They say that it is a natural process of sun & its shine.. To my mind seems rather rational šŸ™‚

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